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Menü CT Engineering BGF Gütesiegel

Mission statement

Mission statement


...means renewal.

With innovative products and new ideas we secure our success and that of our customers. An innovative way of thinking is essential for this. It is about new products, to look beyond one’s own nose and to be open to a different way of thinking. New things can be created from this which offer the basis for all kinds of innovations. We therefore demand & encourage the willingness of each individual in our working group to constantly reinvent themselves, to rethink attitudes and, if necessary, to transform them.

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Establishing good relations

...professionally and privately.

Good relationships with our fellow human beings create the best conditions for a good climate around us. In our business activities, we primarily mean relationships with our customers, suppliers, employees and society in general. We attach particular importance to respectful communication & active listening as well as the observance of agreements.

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Establish good relations.

Partnership & Trust

...are the heart of every good relationship.

Our most important principle is to create a good partnership and a relationship at eye level with our customers. This enables effortless cooperation. If we trust each other, the cooperation is characterised by respect, creativity, simplicity and joy. To ensure this, we strive to communicate as clearly and respectfully as possible, both with our customers & suppliers as well as with our employees and every person with whom we make contact.

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Partnership & Trust.


...has many names for us.

This demand for quality means that we always give our best and our working methods and the technical components developed by us are characterised by accuracy, responsibility and reliability. An essential part of our quality leadership is the integration of the customer in the project phases to be processed. In this way, the quality demands and expectations set by the customer are taken into account at the highest level and integrated directly into the production process.

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...for the environment and society.

Our actions have an impact on products, our customers, partners and employees as well as on society as a whole. From this respectful attitude we act and attach greatest importance to a precise working method and adherence to schedules. We offer secure jobs by focusing on solid growth and not on fast profits. We see ourselves not only as a profit-oriented company based on our own interests, but are also aware of our impact on social standards. That is why we support social, artistic and sporting projects.

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