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Trip of start-ups & young entrepreneurs to Lisbon

Trip of start-ups & young entrepreneurs to Lisbon

Together with the Chamber of Commerce and the State of Carinthia, a Start-Up & Young Entrepreneur Trip to Lisbon was organised.

One of our managing directors, Robert Ragogna, took part in this special trip as a Carinthian entrepreneur.

“People often come to me with ideas that they would like me to help them implement. Now I want to see how start-ups get off the ground in Lisbon.” This is how Robert Ragogna, head of CT Engineering GmbH, describes the reason for his participation.

In our company we accompany creative people with innovative ideas, which we support in the implementation of their projects.

Have the courage to grasp your vision.

https://www.kleinezeitung.at/wirtschaft/wirtschaftktnhp/5500975/Gruenderszene_Why Startups-in-Lisbon-Inspiration-for-Caernte

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