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Project support

Project support

“You can never solve problems with the same way of thinking that gave rise to them.”

Albert Einstein


  • There are rarely questions from management when a project is successful.
  • However, if there are problems with regard to quality, costs and deadline, a culprit is quickly found.
  • CT Engineering supports your project managers already during the project.
  • Processes are analysed and worked on and solved together with the team.
  • CT Engineering also accompanies your young project managers on their first projects so that the best results can be achieved as quickly as possible.
  • CT Engineering - We simplify your life.

Procedure and activities


  • Development of possible approaches for closer cooperation with all departments
  • Interface definition for overarching tasks
  • Concept review: Moderation and feedback round
  • Summary of data and preparation of reports


  • Accompaniment of the transition from concepts to construction
  • Checklist check: Have all points been incorporated into the design?
  • Development of possibilities how first parts can be requested from suppliers for inspection
  • Preparation of an assembly plan
  • Cooperation and monitoring


  • Joint deadline monitoring and planning with procurement (long-distance identification)
  • Part Valuation with QM for series production
  • Part evaluation with QM for internal production
  • Tracking of the production progress of the individual parts
  • Optimisation of change management with feedback system in the departments

Production and incoming goods

  • Cooperation and check of the delivered parts
  • Checking the delivery for completeness
  • Adherence to the assembly sequence (assembly plan)
  • Monitoring of prototype production and documentation
  • Checking the communication of the departments (in case of part changes)
  • Documentation of necessary changes
  • Acceptance criteria for prototypes
  • Establishment of awareness for series production


  • Summary of the project with evaluation and documentation
  • Lessons learned
  • Feedback round with the whole team
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