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Project management

Project management

“Gathering is a beginning,

Cohesion is progress,

Working together is a success.”

Henry Ford


  • You have new product ideas and no one to coordinate them?
  • You have the project team but no project manager?
  • Are there new projects in the pipeline for which you urgently need support in project management?

CT Engineering develops the project plan together with you, determines the planned costs and the corresponding project costs.
CT Engineering takes over the project management and leads the project and your project team to success.
CT Engineering – We simplify your life.

Procedure and activities

  • Continuous project management in all phases of the product development process
  • Detailed time and schedule planning
  • Milestone planning according to your specifications
  • Project phase classification (sample phase, series phase)
  • Reliable project management through regular team meetings
  • Cost monitoring with appropriate project tools
  • Quality control with your quality team
  • Transparent project documentation

Project duration

Individual (entire projects, but also individual project phases can be managed)


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