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Workshop on Tolerance Chain Analysis

Workshop on Tolerance Chain Analysis
  • CT Engineering will put together an individual workshop for your tolerance chain analysis.
  • Your team receives basic information about tolerance chains and their optimal application.
  • On the basis of specific assemblies from your area, case studies are worked out and played through.
  • You will receive a presentation tailored to your industry and the template for the 1D tolerance chain analysis.

Training contents:

  • Tolerance calculation using the example of a mechanical assembly (can be specified by the customer)
  • Fundamentals of Tolerance Calculation
  • Define closed component, invoice direction and reference
  • Tolerance definition: plus/minus
  • Setting up the tolerance chain
  • The arithmetic tolerance calculation (worst case)
  • Fundamentals of statistical tolerance calculation
  • Terms normal distribution, standard deviation, variance, process capability
  • Calculation of the temperature influence in the tolerance calculation
  • Consideration of form and position tolerances in the tolerance calculation
  • Examples: Tolerance calculation with Excel template
  • Training duration: 2 days

Participant requirements:

  • Tolerance knowledge in general
  • Form-position tolerances
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